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Proudly Training Youth Athletes in the Bluffton, Beaufort, and Hilton Head/HHI areas.

What Blue Line Provides

Youth sports performance training with an emphasis on speed development, agility (change of direction) improvement, and age-specific strength & conditioning.

Certified sports performance training instructor for athletes ages 7-18.

Scientifically supported speed enhancement training.

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Age-specific youth sports performance training

Specializing in speed and agility enhancement as well as age-specific strength and conditioning.

All training practices and exercises are age specific to maximize safe skill and strength increases while avoiding injuries.  

Training can be generalized to address the demands of any field sport OR developed to be sport specific while implementing the core training principles of the Parisi Speed School model.

Individual or group (team) training to ensure a personal trainer-type experience and provide a solid learning foundation for drills, techniques, and training/movement patterns.

Linear speed including acceleration and Top Speed development

Emphasis on proper running mechanics to maximize output, eliminate energy leaks, and reduce injuries.

Training can be offered to single athletes working with other similarly skilled athletes, as group sessions (i.e., friends), or to entire teams as a skills enhancement program or team building exercise.

Available as a great substitute for traditional birthday party entertainment or for end-of-season team parties.


Age-specific strength and conditioning training

All strength conditioning and training is personalized to your youth athlete and implemented using only safe and effective training methods (i.e., body weight exercises, plyometrics, resistance bands, age/strength proportionate [lightweight] dumbells, and kettlebells.)

All equipment provided and brought to a location convenient to the athlete or group (i.e. home, backyard, community green space, etc.).

Equipment used at Blue Line Sport Speed & Agility Training.
Equipment used at Blue Line Sport Speed & Agility Training.
Equipment used at Blue Line Sport Speed & Agility Training.


  • Scheduling is by pre-appointment.
  • Four, Six, Eight, or Twelve-week sessions available. Weekly sessions include 2-3 sessions per week.
  • Programming is designed to progress the athlete over time and build the skills needed to excel in all field and court sports.
  • Ideal for off-season training, pre-tryout (i.e. high school, middle school, travel team tryouts), or serious sport-specific athletes looking to advance in their sport.
  • *Specific Golf Strength and Conditioning Training now offered. Blue Line Elite programming offers golf-specific training to increase strength, drive length, balance, and coordination.


  • Pricing based on program length and number of sessions per week.
  • Session not requiring equipment (i.e., speed or change of direction [COD]) = $35 per session.
  • Session requiring equipment (i.e., strength training) = $55 per session.

Example of Pricing:

    • Four-week program with one speed or COD day ($35) and one strength day ($55) = $360 
    • $35 + $55 = $90 x 4 (weeks) = $360
    • Six-week program with one speed day ($35), one COD day ($35), and one strength day ($55) = $750
    • $35 + $35 + $55 = $125 x 6 (weeks) = $750

      *All equipment is provided and brought to the athlete for training.

      “Not only does it help to grow their sports ability, but even more importantly, their confidence.”

      — Coach Luke

      Meet Your Coach

      Coach Luke Anderson, Blue Line Sport & Agility Training

      Coach Luke Anderson

      Hello. I am a retired law enforcement professional now living in Bluffton. I am a sports enthusiast with 2 young sons who also participate in a number of sports. After watching my younger son thrive in the Parisi Speed School training system in New York I fell in love with the programming.

      I believe 100% that this is how today’s young athletes should be trained. Smart and realistic training techniques that younger athletes can grasp, practice and master. As a result, I continue to educate myself and have dedicated an entire second career to implementing this type of training. 



      • Parisi Speed School Affiliate
      • Parisi Sports Performance Coach
      • United States Sports Academy (USSA) Sports Coach

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